Financial Wellbeing

10 ideas to become more influential in your financial health.

Supporting employees in times of financial uncertainty.

At ftf we are committed to making an impact on the #futureofwork. We tackle themes that have an impact on this and process them into concrete sessions. In the ‘Financial Wellbeing’ session, we discuss the financial well-being of colleagues. How can you support your employees in times of financial uncertainty?

It is a challenging theme at the moment. ‘We want our colleagues to feel comfortable in their own skin’ is a frequently heard statement from employers. In addition, we see that people due to financial concerns significantly lower their productivity (unconsciously) and therefore feel even less comfortable at work, because they cannot perform as they would like.

We were asked by various organizations how colleagues can be supported in these times of financial uncertainty. Many great initiatives are already being shown, such as a one-off extra payment, energy bills that are partly supported by the employer, and (also very cool!) groceries that are paid for by the employer.

We went a step further. Together with Annemarie van Gaal (entrepreneur, author and investor) we developed the ‘Financial Wellbeing’ session.

How can you create something that has an impact on people’s behavior in the longer term?

This is what we do

In collaboration with Annemarie, we came up with a concept in which you can inspire colleagues very practically and interactively with 10 ideas to gain more influence on your financial health. The session is virtual, with interaction! We create an environment in which we inspire and at the same time are in contact with your colleagues (through a chat room, in which you can choose to share public questions or not to participate publicly.

Sara van Broekhoven

Sara starts with the introduction and underlines the why, how and what (urgency) and creates a familiar environment in which the theme can really be and land. Often we see shame or an uncomfortable feeling around this theme and that is why many people keep it to themselves. We see through the sessions already done that sharing (in a way where you can choose public or not) makes a lot of impact and connection!

Annemarie van Gaal

Annemarie discusses the content and comes up with 10 ideas that can have a direct impact on your financial situation. Sara has close contact with the participants in the chat room and takes moments to check in with Annemarie in real time, live on thoughts/uncertainties that participants have in concrete terms. With this, answers that are asked in the chat room will be answered in the same hour.


  • ‘It was so concrete it immediately helped me feel more influential.’

  • ‘The tips and connection created in the chat was very nice to experience.’

  • ‘Well those practical tips of downsizing fixed costs by finding other ways to buy it in but differently… thanks! (The dentist and hairdresser I’m going to buy in differently, for sure!)’

  • ‘I now know things I didn’t know because I was setting up my finances on fixed patterns, that tip around health insurance, worth gold.’

Curious as an employer to offer this to colleagues?