Insights Discovery

insights into yourself and others

Making differences simple, insightful and open to discussion 

Every person is unique, with special talents, qualities and personal preference styles. It is precisely these unique differences that make a person or a team special and provide added value; now and in the #futureofwork. Self-understanding and insight into others ensures understanding, recognition and respect. That promotes effectiveness, productivity, communication and collaboration which is the foundation for growth, both as an individual and as a team within your organization (but also in your private life). 

The color language of Insights Discovery makes differences simple, insightful and negotiable. It introduces a common terminology for discussing behavior and group processes in a neutral, non-judgmental way. The color language is based on the ideas of Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung who links psychological preferences to 4 colors. They give you an appealing insight into your own reactions and behavior and help you to understand why other people show very different behavior. 

Ambition expert Kim uses Insights as a tool, language and as a growth accelerator.

What does it bring?

The success of any organization stands or falls on the performance of its people. With Insights Discovery you invest in the personal development and sustainable employability of your employees by offering them tools to improve their relationships, communicate more effectively and collaborate. This has a huge impact on the functioning of your organization. 

  • Employees have a better understanding of what motivates them to perform optimally

  • Knowing what you need to feel truly engaged

  • Teams collaborate more effectively and respond better to change

  • Leaders inspire, motivate and get the best out of their people

The Discovery Insights session is given by our ambition and Insights expert Kim. The session lasts 2 (separate) working days for which you work on your objectives in the meantime. The session can be hosted at an external location. However, it is also possible to hold the session in our work-living room LOFT in the middle of ‘s-Hertogenbosch.