Our culture

This is our DNA

We stand for the future value of people at work.

We do everything we can to create a valuable future with people. By making people aware of their talent, character role, team role, leadership role and culture (environment). Our intended result is that people have a feeling of ‘I matter’ in that future!

We have captured our culture by reflecting on the past 6 years. By translating what makes us successful and what doesn’t help with that into our values. These values describe who we are, what we stand for, what connects us and our customers and how we treat each other. These values also help us make choices for the future. What suits us and what doesn’t.

We believe that growing by simplifying and experimenting and especially together will bring you a lot in the future of work!

Grow through our curiosity

We believe that curious people always have a future and can grow consciously or unconsciously driven by that curiosity. That is why we work with very curious colleagues in our own team and we encourage people to be curious in our session. It’s really amazing to see what awakening curiosity brings about growth.

Simplify by letting go

We  dare to let go of things that are not helpful, do not contribute, even if it feels strange. Over the years, habits or processes emerge that no longer contribute or even slow down, that hinder our talent and progress. In our projects, too, we investigate with the customer to make things simple again and stop things. With our Backcast method we can make things simple again in a very simple way.

Experiment by just getting started

and dare to go on your face

An idea becomes valuable when it is implemented. We go for speed over endless discussions. We have work sessions where everyone leaves with an action and the next one comes back with a demo, that’s how we move forward and get better every day. The definition of experimentation for us? Get started and find out what works and what doesn’t! We love to provide inspiration in our sessions with clients and the main thing is that we always translate it into concrete action (starting something within 24 hours); “We’re turning on experiments.”



with Kevin Weijers
Episode #6 | 18 min 43 sec | Dutch

“An experiment is not about proving that something works, it is about exploring what works”. Speaker, writer, and experiment master Kevin Weijers takes us along in his curiosity. In this inspiring conversation Kevin talks about the process of trying, the domino effect, about his trip around the world, about ’21 days of not complaining’ and about that one podium place at an international CrossFit competition! 

By building communities together you are strong

We work as a community where everyone is welcome and seen as a comrade. Camaraderie is our strength, together we know more, we achieve more and we have more fun. In our projects we transform ‘islands’ into real WE-lands and camaraderie is the connector. People who work in community form across the departments bring a lot of effectiveness and unexpected results; a very nice side effect is that together you are able to amaze and surprise, which in turn provides a lot of value and visibility.

Our example

Pieter Zwart about the culture and values of Coolblue (Dutch)