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Research by FTF: ‘Culture as opportunity’


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Empowering people towards the future of work. That is the purpose of ftf.

create the future of work. today.

Roles are changing, disappearing and arising. You can create them individually or together; make it appear! An increasingly important challenge in this fast and continuous changing world.

So… Traditional roles are changing and this development requires a different type of behaviour and skills. What does the future of work look like? What does this request from you as a leader? What does this mean for the organization? How will people be collaborating in the future? And what is the culture on which we build that future? We create the answers to these question in our tailor-made programs. We always co-create these programs together with leadership and your people!

We inspire leadership, employees, teams and therefore organizations in how to create added value for the future of work. Shaking up future talent and developing individuals to come up with the smartest solutions for the #futureofwork together. That is what we believe in. Developing you as a leader, your colleagues, your team and your organization to full potential and ‘drive’, that is our purpose!


From chaos to growth

with Sara van Broekhoven
S2E10 | 12 min 52 sec

From chaos to growth, or from chaos to SMARTER! Sara van Broekhoven takes us through four steps you can take to create opportunities as an organization in periods of chaos.