Transfer to the future

The way we always did it is really no longer possible

The new way of finding the best and the nicest colleagues

We dare to say that how we now attract new talent is old-fashioned. We often see recruitment procedures (agencies or own recruiters) recruiting reactively from a vacancy. Fishing in the pond where everyone fishes (and there are only few fish swimming in that pond in 2021). And completely old-fashioned, we make the match purely or initially based on job role; what are you going to do and what are your current skills instead of who are you and what is your potential… 

We have to recreate and we know how!

We have been active in the world of work for years. Yes, started in a world that worked then and doesn’t work anymore… We work with it for a reason. 7 years ago we made the switch to keeping your own people employable, so that you don’t have to hire external people and can start creating a sustainable workforce. However, now we are forced to also make a difference in onboarding/attracting new talent from outside. Why? The world of work is getting stuck. There are people who stay put because they do not have insight into the opportunities outside. We do have such insights. So why not lend a hand with that?


Transfer to the future

with Sara van Broekhoven
Episode #9 | 5 min 37 sec | Dutch

We are currently dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s… because after the summer we will launch a new service called ‘Transfer to the Future’! No typical recruitment with vacancies or registering people. No, we exchange talent and create movement in the transfer market. Curious about what we’re going to do? Then listen to this episode now! 

How it works

We know where the talent is who needs to get moving. That’s not bad is it…? Come on, be honest employers in the Netherlands… having an employee stay 20 years in the same place is no longer of this time (and neither is 10 years). We believe in a world in which you as an employer encourage people to keep moving and going outside is also OK! We want to make this dialogue normal in the recruitment branch and also facilitate the opportunity. So how cool would it be if we know that someone in organization X is ‘ready’ and someone in organization Y and possibly also in Z as well, that we are going to proactively make this movement possible. Transfers just like in the football industry (only with more fitting transfer fees). This is how we make the difference; we dare to do things differently, with a huge impact and happy employees and employers as a result. 

So in the future of work we will no longer talk about reorganization, outplacement processes (if people no longer fit) or recruitment processes. No, transfering on time in an open dialogue. That’s the future! 

What we don’t do

Just to be clear… We will not recruit reactively, headhunt on LinkedIn, work from a job profile or post vacancies on job boards, etc.