Our trainees

We believe it is important to offer opportunities to young people of the new generation to prepare for their #futureofwork. We are happy to offer them the best trainee position in the world!


Hotel Management | Breda University of Applied Sciences

During her traineeship at FTF, Jildau explored her own future role, further developed her skills and she took up various new initiatives with a lot of drive and energy. In co-creation with Club Goud foundation and hospitality partner Anne & Max she launched the initiative called ‘De Babbelbox’ for the elderly, visiting various residential-care locations and guaranteeing 1-on-1 attention with the elderly while enjoying a delicious box. Jildau also graduated with us and did research with team FTF on the theme: “From organisational culture to an Employer Brand”. Jildau came in as an enthusiastic student and graduated as a true FTF colleague! This makes us proud!

Anne and Fleur

Marketing & Communication | Avans Academy

Anne & Fleur researched the importance of an #futurefit HR in a 10 weeks traineeship. They wrote a marketing communication plan and talked to our network of HR professionals about this profession. They investigated the importance of a futurefit HR and what shifts are needed to create a futureproof HR within organisations. During these 10 weeks, they came together on a mission namely, to make organisations aware that a #futurefit HR are the veins of a #futureproof organisation! Together with our graphic facilitator colleague Gertjan, they developed this wonderful graphic: YOUR FUTURE FIT HR!


Communication | Fontys University of Applied Sciences

‘A Touch of Happiness!’ Caressa came to us to take a look into the corporate world and, as an internship assignment, organised an event where #social impact and #teambuilding were key. With ‘A Touch of Happiness’, Caressa managed to join forces with the FTF, Club Goud foundation and the Rituals brand. This meant that various teams (clients of the FTF) set to work with Rituals products to delight our elderly in the city of Den Bosch with personal attention, a chat, a treat and a hand massage. ‘A touch’ with a lot of impact, in other words! For the teams a special form of teambuilding because they were allowed to step out of their comfort zone and #doinggood also brings something in the way of personal growth. Caressa supervised and organised the event from A to Z, resulting in a sustainable social impact event that will be rolled out nationwide within the Club Goud foundation.


Business Innovation | Avans University of Applied Sciences

Innovation! That makes every organisation happy. This driven and young professional graduated at us with an innovation study and this time on an existing ftf concept. She redesigned the (old) future of work experience in a new format and brought us to the Theatre College! In March 2024, the first official try-out of this college will take place. Not only did she give the ftf a valuable innovation, she showed confidently and proudly her exposition at Avans Hogeschool and graduated with a killer presentation. Nikki, you did it!


Hotel Management | Hotel school Maastricht

Maud is a curious, creative professional with an entrepreneurial spirit. We also called her the ‘fire starter’: as in creating an idea and really pushing it! Maud experienced during her time in our company and with our sessions that ‘Hospitality’ is a quality with a lot of future value, but underestimated in the business world. Providing a service to your working environment that is not expected, not in the job profile, but greatly appreciated. To motivate hospitality, Maud created the #hospitality game; a box for hospitality. Also, under the guise of simplifying work, she came up with a location where customers could come to us. The idea originated in February 2020 became a reality in April 2020! From a ‘boring office’ we moved to LOFT; our fine work-house room where clients feel at home and are allowed to think about the future of work.

Whereas Maud had completely found her place within the ftf and we had thought of a role for her within our team, unfortunately, due to the size of the covid period, we could not keep her. However, we are still in good contact and she was recently our guest in our podcast studio!


Management Assistant | Koning Willem 1 College

Madelief started her traineeship during the challenging covid period. After sitting at home for months, she couldn’t wait to start working with us to join our daily routine. Madelief wanted to learn everything and was surprised at what she learned at school and what it was like in practice. She wrote a blog (in Dutch) ‘School vs reality‘ about it. Within FTF, Madelief was able to discover the possibilities within the #Assistant profession but also worked very hard on her personal development in order to step out of her comfort zone, such as performing in front of groups and being more daring. As a final delivery, she made us a great company pitch in the form of a film. With this #businessfilm, she wanted to be able to give an insight into what FTF does, but also to inspire management assistants and students.