Future employee

Community to the future 

An effective and impactful way to get moving

We dare to say that learning never stops, you learn for a lifetime! Every day you should allow yourself some inspiration… ok, every week is also completely fine. A lot is happening in the scenery of work or the future of work. Many jobs are disappearing and new jobs appear. The importance of certain skills fades whereas others become even more crucial. This is what we grasp in the ‘community to the future’. The content is continuously updated with striking themes, podcasts, stimulating methods, and beautiful future-oriented stories which make an impact. Moreover, we combine different ecosystems with each other, which gives a completely different dimension to learning!

Community platform (tailored to your organization)

At FTF you can choose for access to our community platform or we build a tailored community platform with you. Super simple! Not another system/ tool yet again, but just a platform on your own communication tool (this is possible from Microsoft Teams to anything cloud-based).  

How it works

We have built 3 themes in our online communities: ME, US and IT. In our community you will not only come across videos with our heads. We let people in the world tell stories: customers, the elderly (who are no longer working), or children (who are not yet working) that fit the future-oriented themes! By sharing video material, blogs and experiments, we challenge everyone to actively and curiously look at the future! 


Everything that touches upon personal development! Future skills get unravelled, how you really get to make the difference as a professional (no matter your role in the organization, from facility service employee to the CEO).


Everything that touches co-creation, recreation, collaboration and ecosystems. The IK/ME in relation to the others in the environment. In our perception the future will preferably be as innovative, fluid as possible (even though this might feel a bit strange for some). Looking beyond your own department, beyond your own industry and even beyond your own organization. Let’s mix things up!


Everything that includes innovation of the service and the product (what you ultimately deliver from the ME and the US) – that what someone else benefits from you and the collaborations that you enter into! 

What it yields

With 1 ‘shot’ per day or week (just what suits you) you are prepared, you become agile and you will longingly look forward to the future! A nice extra is that it does not only make you/ your employees stronger individually, collaboration and finding each other (on platforms) will increase enormously (there is something to be gained here!) and the innovation power of the organization will be progressing by leaps. Thinking outside the box and incorporating the interest of the customer (not the process) comes first!

Good to know: every first Monday of the month we are recording in our studio; customers can come to create custom videos or podcasts there! Feel welcome!