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You are the leader of your future

When it comes to the future, everyone matters! And everyone is leader of his/her own future! The future is therefore not in the hands of the people in the role of ‘manager’, ‘leader’ or ‘director’ in the organization. These people with leadership roles are actually facilitators – they give. 

They are the shakers, the enablers that serve the purpose of making everyone matter in the #futureofwork! We like to call this hospitable leadership! 

And just to be clear: when we work with organizations, there is sometimes the assumption that ‘facilitating’, ‘servant’ or ‘hospitable’ leadership is ‘soft’… Well that is not at all the case. It is actually quite hard and very clear. The intention behind the message however makes it softer. 


Servant Leadership

with Ineke Kooistra
Episode #4 | 16 min 12 sec | Dutch

Servant Leadership, in other words, healthy leadership! Ineke is CEO for The Works: parenting company behind the fast-growing international recruitment agencies and job platforms YoungCapital, YoungCapital NEXT, and StudentJob. In this podcast Ineke shares the insights into her leadership style, about mental resilience, and the importance of job satisfaction. 

The first step towards the future

We are FTF and for years we have had that facilitating role towards employees. We facilitated, lovingly shook things up, we were the enablers and served 1 purpose: making people aware of their added value towards the future! From now on we also do that in a different way our role is equally changeable! Together with leadership and HR we aim to inspire the top of the organization on how to make people think about their future value themselves! We transfer our work from the past 8 years to them! Together we will change the future. Today.

How we achieve this? Not with standardized methods or with big change plans or -protocols. We believe that you can take the step towards the future together with your people by implementing small experiments! These experiments are supposed to let your colleagues find out what works and what doesn’t. The goal is not for the experiment to succeed, on the contrary! 



with Kevin Weijers
Episode #6 | 18 min 43 sec | Dutch

“An experiment is not about proving that something works, it is about exploring what works”. Speaker, writer, and experiment master Kevin Weijers takes us along in his curiosity. In this inspiring conversation Kevin talks about the process of trying, the domino effect, about his trip around the world, about ’21 days of not complaining’ and about that one podium place at an international CrossFit competition! 

We are there for the organizations that know there is friction, that change is necessary and that have the guts to take on this innovative, self-organizing approach. From top to bottom and from left to right.

Wij zijn er voor die organisaties die wéten dat het schuurt, dat verandering noodzakelijk is en die het lef hebben om deze vernieuwende, zelforganiserende aanpak aan te gaan. Van boven naar onder en van links naar rechts.

Are we all striving for the same?

How modern is the network of leadership in our organization?

Is what we are doing really necessary?

Future skills
Where is our upskilling/reskilling potential?

Is past behaviour getting in the way of tomorrow?


The first one

with Sara van Broekhoven
Episode #1 | 18 min 26 sec | Dutch

The first podcast of FTF in which Sara van Broekhoven tells about the origin of the Future Talent Factory, The dreams she has for the future, and of course: “The Future of Work”.