Future culture

Culture cannot be created, it is already present.

Culture is the basis for a healthy and employable future

Culture cannot be created, especially not by an external… it is already present! Culture within an organization is extremely important! It is the reason why people want to work for you! It is the reason for your current and future organizational success! Culture forms the intention or the purpose of your organization! This therefore means that it goes much further than just shaping a number of organizational values and norms. OK, key to note here: shaping the organizational culture should be a co-creation together with all employees, not just with the management team and a marketing company.  

Culture as an opportunity

“Impact and grip on the future of your organization,  leadership, behavior and capacity for change.”

How it works

We facilitate culture sessions with your organization. Everyone is involved, and in this process, we include several reflective, futuristic, and also creative concepts that trigger wonderful conversations between the people in your organization. These crucial conversations alone are already very impactful without even putting anything on paper. To kickstart these conversations we use tools such as: back casting, scenario thinking, narrative prediction, graphic facilitation, and campfire stories. By combining these tools, we refrain from using surveys or duplicable sessions in every corner of the organization. Curious to this method of shaping culture and connecting the people in organizations? Request an exploration with us (without obligation), it will provide you with immediate insights. 

Purpose: We exist to make people aware of their future value! Everybody has a future!

Not just in turnover, mainly as people!

Make sure to clean up continuously, this allows for ‘air’/ ‘space’ for innovation

Discover what works

From organizational culture to an employer brand

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Where in the past a simple vacancy was sufficient, we see that in the current labour market, organizations need to redesign their strategy in order to attract talented employees. That is why we started a design research at ftf to look at what is required for the future of recruitment. Talents are looking for a culture where they matter and the first thing they encounter is the employer brand.



with Kevin Weijers
Episode #6 | 18 min 43 sec | Dutch

“An experiment is not about proving that something works, it is about exploring what works”. Speaker, writer, and experiment master Kevin Weijers takes us along in his curiosity. In this inspiring conversation Kevin talks about the process of trying, the domino effect, about his trip around the world, about ’21 days of not complaining’ and about that one podium place at an international CrossFit competition!