Inspiration sessions

Future Talks, Experimenting, podcasting and more! 

Future Talks

Interaction, connection and visibility

When was the last time you had a good conversation with your manager, colleagues, team and/or department? Especially about themes for which, in the everyday rhythm, there is hardly time? In the workshop Future Talks we take some space for inspiration, experimentation and to listen with genuine interest to the input and thoughts of the other.

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Effective Communication

Attention to giving feedback

In the workplace, we believe that we should be able to ’talk to’ each other, regardless of your position or age. However, we notice that this is quite difficult in practice. Because how do you give your opinion? How do you express yourself to your colleague? How do you approach your manager about something? 

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‘Just’ do it

In this workshop, speaker and writer Kevin Weijers will work with the participants in the field of experimentation. Out of curiosity and with stories of practical experiments, he challenges his audience to look differently at your own environment and reality. 

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The must-have for every organization

Discover this new communication tool in a light-hearted, accessible way! In this workshop we teach you the basics of podcasting and inspire you with possible podcast topics, platforms, hosts and guest speakers. Your team, that one colleague or that leading department literally gets a voice! 

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Culture Canvas

Focus plan for team effectiveness

Culture is important. It reflects habits, behaviors and agreements that belong to a team. It gives focus, direction and allows us to reflect on individual and team level. In this session we will look at what this looks like for your organization in an accessible, efficient and useful way. 

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Insights Discovery

Making differences simple, insightful and open to discussion 

Every person is unique, with special talents, qualities and personal preference styles. It is precisely these unique differences that make a person or a team special and provide added value; now and in the #futureofwork. Self-understanding and insight into others ensures understanding, recognition and respect. 

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