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Podcasting: the modern way of communicating

Allow your team to experiment with a podcasting workshop and discover in a light-hearted, accessible way how this can be used as a new communication tool! In an hour and a half we teach you the basics of podcasting and inspire you about podcast topics, platforms, hosts and guest speakers. Your team, that one colleague or that leading department literally gets a voice in the organization! 

This modern way of communicating is becoming increasingly common within organizations. Podcasts about an organization provide trust, credibility and (brand) recognition. By placing your own colleagues behind the microphone, you create connections within the various layers of an organization and that offers confidence to the consumer. In this workshop we not only learn from, but especially with each other by having fun with the podcast microphone! 

  • Step outside the comfort zone safely

  • Brainstorming about current and inspiring themes

  • Your colleagues in the spotlight 

  • Interaction & fun 

  • Visibility in a new way 

Think big & Let’s talk

FTF the Podcast

Within the FTF we have been experimenting ourselves! The first season of FTF the Podcast was an experiment where we discovered what kind of positivity, connection, storytelling and visibility the concept brings us. Our podcast ‘queen’ Eva takes you on a journey in the podcasting workshop and teaches you the basics of podcasting in an accessible way. Speaking behind a microphone is not unknown to her and with her experience she knows how to put every group at ease and challenge them to step out of their comfort zone. We say, Press Play & Go!