Future leadership

Leadership belongs to everyone

Making the difference with servant leadership

Servant leadership… Hospitable leadership… healthy leadership. Three statements that clarify our belief about leadership. It comes down to one simple question from a leader: “What do you need from me?”. 

How does this work?

When you start working with FTF as a leadership team to make your leadership skills future-proof, you will soon find yourself in a ‘pressure cooker’ assignment. An unusual setting or, as they call it within the FTF, the ‘leadership experiment’ where you are challenged to show your true leadership skills. With help of 10 touch points we will reflect and shape new leadership in your organization. We always opt for an unusual setting to get everyone completely out of your comfort zone and everyday patterns to show the purest form of leadership.  

These leadership experiments can be entered with your team (very impactful at the organizational level) or individually. The key take aways of the experiments are immediately applicable the next day.  

Who you will be seeing?

Sara van Broekhoven en Kevin Weijers. Both with a different perception and yet complementing each other in the sense that Sara likes to inspire you with her vision on ‘leadership of the future’ and Kevin aims to challenge you to experiment with the development of your leadership role of the future. Together they know for sure that by experimenting with your leadership (and that of your organization), you will find out what works, and what doesn’t (also important)! 


Servant Leadership

with Ineke Kooistra
Episode #4 | 16 min 12 sec | Dutch

Servant Leadership, in other words, healthy leadership! Ineke is CEO for The Works: parenting company behind the fast-growing international recruitment agencies and job platforms YoungCapital, YoungCapital NEXT, Jobbird.com and StudentJob. In this podcast Ineke shares the insights into her leadership style, about mental resilience, and the importance of job satisfaction.