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Agile pizza


Culture canvas

Future portfolio – Me

Future proof portfolio

Future scenarios

GROW goals

Innovation lab

Core quadrant

Launch your future

My manifesto

Quick wins

Team plan

View to the future

Vision & Mission

The (expert)role

of the assistant in 2040

“In the future it will be about who you are and not so much about what you can already do and have proven that you can do it.”


AI and the impact on the Future Workspace

The future of work is human led and tech powered.”

Research on the future

In collaboration with Nyenrode and prof. drs. Annemieke Robeek.

Culture as an opportunity

“Impact and grip on the future of your organization,  leadership, behavior and capacity for change.”

From organizational culture to an employer brand

This download is only available in Dutch for now.

Where in the past a simple vacancy was sufficient, we see that in the current labour market, organizations need to redesign their strategy in order to attract talented employees. That is why we started a design research at ftf to look at what is required for the future of recruitment. Talents are looking for a culture where they matter and the first thing they encounter is the employer brand.

Model cards

Our model cards are a helpful reminder of the theories and models we use in our programs. Click on a model card to download it. Do you want to download the complete future proof toolkit? Click here. You get all model cards in one file.

Character role

80/20 – Matter

Inclusivity model

Me / Us / It



Effective conversation

Future fit

Iceberg model

Higher goal

U-theory model

The brain

Making the difference

Service excellence

Customer journey

Comfort zone

GROW method

70-20-10 model



Core qualities

The crucial conversation

Work smarter

Community model

Smart communicating

Power language

Build a future portfolio

Template #1
Portfolio, motivation letter, fonts and ‘Tips and Trics’

Template #2
Portfolio, motivation letter, fonts and ‘Tips and Trics’

Template #3
Portfolio, motivation letter, fonts and ‘Tips and Trics’