Effective Communication

Attention to giving feedback

The definition of communication:

(un)intentionally conveying a certain message to someone else.

In the workplace, we believe that we should be able to ’talk to’ each other, regardless of our position or age. However, we notice that this is quite difficult in practice. Because how do you give your opinion? How do you express yourself towards your colleague? And how do you address your manager about something? 

In the effective communication workshop, Susan pays attention to giving feedback. We start the workshop with different types of communication tools. Non-verbal communication ensures that we always communicate, even when we are not saying anything. We discuss difficult situations and practice with each other in order to immediately experience the effect of the right approach. 

During the practice you will be taken out of your comfort zone in a pleasant way, resulting in immediate growth in communication. Together with Susan you will experience in approximately 3 hours what kind of an effect a different approach in communication could have. This gives confidence and enthusiasm to further tackle this in practice! 

A characteristic of effective communication is that we are not only able to ‘send’, but can also switch to using our ‘listening’ and ‘receiving’ skills. This workshop naturally leaves some  room for a moment of relaxation with a drink and some delicious treats. 

Our Suus 

Susan (the feedback coach) is an expert at creating a safe space to practice having difficult conversations! Her positive energy and humor make it possible to practice in an accessible way. She zooms in on giving feedback and takes the participants in this workshop on a journey towards effective communication!