Top teams

… are future makers!

No one is the same and we shouldn’t want that either

We start this interactive session with an energetic keynote about what makes strong teams really strong. We mainly zoom in on the roles that a strong team needs. And, for us, it’s not so much about the functional roles (what does someone on the team do)… No, it’s mainly about the character roles (who is someone on the team).

With humor you gain insight into how the different characters relate to each other. No one is the same and we shouldn’t want that either!

Diversity is key. Combining that with respect for each other’s difference is magical!

Discover the instrument of your person

We use the dr. Meredith Belbin team roles that we have translated into a metaphor: an orchestra (powered by our colleague and creator Richard de Hoop). Discover your instruments with the orchestra game.

Who among you plays that enthusiastic trumpet, who is virtuoso on that creative guitar, the purposeful drum, the analytical harp, the prolific bass, who likes to stroke the strings of the sensitive violin, likes to play the keys of the piano like the ‘natural leader’ or likes to blow the intuitive horn? Together your team forms a beautiful orchestra!

We would like to invite you to our work-living room LOFT. A nice place in the middle of the Burgundian ‘s-Hertogenbosch. You will be welcomed with a ‘Bossche’ surprise (guess what this will be?). In the session, which lasts half a day, we get to work together. Themes such as #connection, #unity, #teamroles and #cooperation are leading. During the session you will receive:

  • shared insight and direction in the team.

  • a profile of your own character and preferred team role.

  • new energy and inspiration for the team.

  • a concrete team roadmap with which you can start immediately!

It is also possible to book this session elsewhere/on location.