Culture Canvas

Plan of focus for team effectiveness

Culture shapes people and people shape culture.

Jitske Kramer

Culture is important. It reflects habits, behaviors and agreements that belong to a team. It gives focus, direction and allows us to reflect on individual and team level. In this session we will look at what this entails for your organization in an accessible, efficient and useful way. We take a close look at the current culture in your team and offer tools to improve it where necessary. No complex questions, because it is the simplicity that often gives the solution to a theme that seems so complex. 

“Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with a passion”

Brian Chesky, Co-Founder & CEO | Airbnb

The power of the culture canvas

In this session (all day) we invite you to our work-living room called LOFT. A nice place in the middle of ‘s-Hertogenbosch with the nature of the Bossche Broek ‘around the corner’. An ideal location where we will go through the culture canvas together. We map out elements that all teams are confronted with. We look at goals, what success looks like for everyone, which members form the team, what roles we have, the tools we use for this, the challenges we encounter and how decisions are made. Everything that is discussed, decided and coordinated during the culture canvas should above all be small and simple: action-oriented agreements that can be used tomorrow. 

During the day there is also room for relaxation. You will be welcomed with a real ‘Bossche Bol’, we will provide a delicious lunch with our local partner and in the afternoon you will be sent out for a walk through the area. If it is desired that the day session is hosted elsewhere, it is also possible to do the culture canvas session at an external location. 

Drawing board culture canvas session Heineken Business Support.

We often see in teams that the culture is not clearly defined. Today we are connected in different ways, we work differently (from home/office/meeting place). Email for instance is used as a communication tool instead of an information tool. Deadlines remain, everyone is talking about effective apps but there is more noise than ever before! We investigated how culture provides focus and that focus has a positive effect on the productivity of a team.