“The future of work is human led and tech powered.” Download our research on AI and the impact on the Future Workspace.


‘High tech, high touch’

The impact of AI on the future of work

Your best colleague

We investigate the impact of #AI on the future of work. Sara van Broekhoven recently developed an energetic keynote about how to become best friends with #AI in your work! Because while there is a lot of unrest about #AI and its impact on roles, our vision is that #AI will become your best colleague.

We believe in a technology-driven and people-led society. Let #AI take over the basics (i.e. the basic ‘shit’) and it will create crucial time for you as a human being to lead the future. And the latter is necessary!

In this keynote you will get an idea of the future of work in which both #AI and people will be in balance.


Human Led & Tech Powered


Impact op banen

85 million reels will disappear due to #AI and 97 million reels will appear thanks to #AI

More about Sara

Sara is a futurist who closely follows trends and opportunities in the future of work. She strongly believes that people will lead the future, supported by technology. The keynote will last 2 hours and Sara’s audience will leave with a simple activation on #AI to implement the next day! The keynote can be given in both Dutch and English.

Are you curious about this energetic, pleasant and inspiring speaker?