Recruitment of the future

How do you get the best new colleagues on board?

Grabbing themes

that influence the #futureofwork. Recruitment is certainly one of them.

We investigated what works and what doesn’t. By experimenting with our customers, we know what works and what doesn’t (that’s also nice). We noticed that many customers were stuck in patterns that worked years ago and really don’t work anymore. And letting go of that… is hard!

We notice that letting go goes more smoothly when we design what we should do, what does work. Together (with a little help from us) you create your strategy in this design session.

The market is tight, the flush is thin… How does your organization get the best colleagues?

Ensure the right experience

In addition to attracting colleagues, we also pay attention in the design to onboarding, the employee journey when they are ‘in’ and happy offboarding!

  • How do you make a first contact impactful and really different (really different from an email or phone call)?
  • How do you make something ordinary (for example a boring employment contract) unusually fun?
  • How do you ensure that people feel welcome even before their first day (something that goes beyond the phenomenon of welcome chocolate to the home address)?

What we do

In this design session we use various methods such as backcasting, scenario thinking and the guest (employee) journey. This session is based on 3 meetings in which we immediately ensure that you leave with a plan for the future through the design thinking methods. A plan that you mainly make together (with a little inspiration from us), which fits your culture and today’s generation!

The sessions can take place with us in our workroom LOFT (Dutch website) and this looks like this:

  • A virtual meeting (60 minutes) with inspiration on the future of recruitment.
  • Two face-to-face meetings (120 minutes per work session) in which we design and work together on the end result: a unique strategy plan or the employee journey

You are welcome

We would like to invite you to LOFT (Dutch website). A nice place in the middle of the Burgundian ‘s-Hertogenbosch. In the sessions we give you inspiration on influences that make an impact on your recruitment and image:

  • Culture

  • Generation management

  • Breaking old patterns (proactive market approach instead of starting from a vacancy)

  • Fuck Trackrecord (attracting people by character!)

  • Story telling (employee journey)

It is also possible to book this session elsewhere/on location.