out of curiosity

What works and what doesn’t?

An experiment is not about success. It’s about finding out what works and what doesn’t. 

In this workshop, speaker and writer Kevin Weijers will work with the participants in the field of experimentation. Out of curiosity and with stories of practical experiments, he challenges his audience to look differently at your own environment and reality. 

Some of the audience their reactions:

  • His story was spot on!

  • Serious and yet funny, sharp and light-hearted, metaphorical and realistic.

  • What a beautiful story and what a great speaker. For me this was the highest scoring part of the program.”

With experimenting you discover what is possible if you sometimes stop thinking and start doing!

‘Just’ do it

Do you want to be challenged in a refreshing, accessible, energetic and fun way, and learn how to look at the same thing in a different way? Kevin confronts deep-rooted habits and fixed-patterns. The experimenting workshop can be used during (substantive) company events by either getting the public started with an open attitude for the day, or by letting them go home with a catchy message and full of energy.