Future of Work Experience

Experience it! Live, hybrid or virtually.

Thé experience that immediately sets a movement in motion

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FTF inspires people, teams and organizations in how to create value for the future of work! Making people aware of their future potential and talent. Shaking things up and developing in order to collaboratively find the best solutions. That is our purpose! 

During the last couple of years a lot has happened and we notice a great need for movement. The right move towards the future, which has changed rapidly, requires a lot from people! We approach this thoroughly in our growth programs and we often create an impactful movement within 1 growth year. However, we may need to get this movement a little faster. Hence, this experience that immediately sets a wave into motion! 

The greatest wave starts as a ripple, but at the end of its journey even the highest mountain cannot stop it

How it works

In the Future of Work Experience we go through the U-theory of Otto Scharmer. A theory on: 

  • The capacity of an individual and community to create their own future; 
  • The understanding and implementation of change, innovation and leadership. Think of it as a ‘journey of discovery’ to ‘the source’ of people: their key driver. 

This sounds rather big, however, the great thing about this experience is that people get this theory offered in a light and yet impactful way. We have tested this method several times and the impact of 1,5 hours of collaboration is huge, the energy is surprising and the ultimate result is connection and a curiosity towards change. 

Live, hybrid or virtual

This experience is served best in a theatre. This is possible in your area, or close to us around the corner (VUE Cinema) with a nice informal drink at our work location. In case we cannot come together live or physically, we just go virtually! We broadcast from our studio in Rosmalen (or perhaps you also have a studio). Delivering the experience in this manner is (almost) as impactful as live of physically. We invite guests who are also involved in the stream and we always have an interactive connection with the guests, because we work with a connection where people can actively participate and be visible in the stream. This way we are still close.

Who you are going to see


Sara provides keynotes that guide the audience through the U-theory. With striking examples, future scenarios, a good dose of self-mockery and humour she manages to take you on an unforgettable journey. Sara has no standard lines. She incorporates real stories from and with your own colleagues in her keynotes. This makes the impact even bigger and closer to the organization. Sara gets into the culture of your organization and will produce the show together with your culture carriers. 

Eva & Davy

In addition to taking care of our podcasts and productions Eva is also a singer and sings beautiful songs that enhance the keynotes and give the audience the opportunity to reflect what has been said on themselves. The songs that could be incorporated in the experience are not unknown: Lady gaga, Ava Max, Danny Vera, Calvin Harris, Pink and even Anita Meyer. Suddenly, these numbers can take on a completely different meaning. Eva is accompanied by Davy on ‘the keys’ and that creates a very nice atmosphere.  

What others say

Game changing. Surprisingly close. I am looking forward to the future (that starts tomorrow already!). Moving. Exciting. Cabaret/entertainment with a serious message. Exciting but in a safe space. I feel super connected with my colleagues. The future might be exciting but not scary! 


Future of Work Experience

with Sara van Broekhoven and Eva van der Donk
Episode #3 | 14 min 07 sec | Dutch

We write and talk a lot about it online, because the Future of Work Experience is HOT TOPIC! In episode 3 Eva and Sara talk about the Future of Work Experience. How did the concept come alive and what exactly does this experience entail?