A Touch of Happiness

Team building

Involved in society

Our wish is to keep our elderly involved in society and we are happy to commit ourselves to this within FTF. We searched, in collaboration with Club Goud foundation and Rituals, for a way to combine personal attention for our elderly and stimulating the senses in a pleasant way. The importance of creating an ecosystem was paramount, so that

  1. local entrepreneurs can contribute;
  2. connections are created;
  3. social responsibility is discussed as a theme within organizations and teams.

A different kind of team building

‘A Touch of Happiness’ offers customers, organizations and teams a different kind of team building than where the bag of money normally goes. This team building is about solidarity, about being able to do something ‘good for others’, about social impact and about being socially involved.

Social responsibility

During this team building there is personal attention for our elderly and you make them feel good again, which not only gives them, but also yourself a very good feeling. Taking on an activity like this with your team is not only a great team building experience, but also offers the opportunity to fulfill our social responsibility: giving back to society.

During the team event ‘A Touch of Happiness’ there is personal contact with the elderly, you have a chat and we give hand massages. you pull your team out of the ‘comfort zone’ and challenge others to do something good for our society.

What is needed? Only positive energy.

The touch* and the stories that go back and forth are magical! #socialimpact!

* The products for the hand massage are facilitated by Rituals.

Some comments

“How the residents enjoyed an A Touch of Happiness. Communication and cooperation with Caressa went very smoothly. We have had pleasant contact by telephone several times. It quickly became clear what the design and purpose of this activity was, also because I received the schedule and playbook by email well in advance. On the morning itself, Caressa arrived at the location on time with the volunteers so that I could explain some things about what the volunteers could expect regarding the residents. The volunteers were very enthusiastic and clearly looking forward to it. How they spoiled the residents with attention, hand massage and manicure. If we are offered this project again, we would be happy to take advantage of it again.”

Miranda van Osch
Welfare counselor Noorderkroon/ Nieuwehagen

“Last week I was able to be part of the ‘A Touch of Happiness’ project. What a wonderful initiative! Young connects with older! The attention and smile on all faces, sweet, grateful, so valuable and heart-warming. What a little bit of attention and being there for fellow human beings cannot mean and yield for everyone. Because my heart also jumped. Worth gold! I wish you and everyone who makes you shine with this a wonderful sequel!”

Bernice Lathouwers

Do you also think this is such a great concept to organize yourself? Are you going out with your team? Then use this playbook as a guideline!