Growing older in a wise way

Growing older in a smart and fun way. Also in your town!

What if there is no more care when I need it most?

What happens if my children have to take care of me?

We are short on resources and money in elderly care. This means that we can no longer always rely on these systems and as a community we must take more care of each other. It is our own responsibility to grow older wiser and make smart choices, so that your old age can be as pleasant as possible.




WOWW is much more than a campagne

WOWW stands for ‘Wijzer Ouder Worden’, which means ‘Growing older in a wise way’. It is a community where you can find everything about growing older in a wise way. We share practical tips and useful tools about informal care, (home) help, memory problems, laws and rules. You will find references to organizations, associations and organized meetings to help you grow older, stay healthy, active and part of the community.

Experts and initiators also provide an insight into the future and we share beautiful stories of residents who show their life wisdom. And they cause laugh lines… the most beautiful wrinkles there are.

The #awareness campaign is the ultimate guide to growing older in a wise way. We have focused on creating informative materials, organizing interactive events and promoting collaboration with local organizations and agencies concerned with healthy and happy aging.

WOWW in 6 steps

We develop the campaign per town over 6 months and go through the following steps.

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

Design and content

Step 4

Stakeholder management

Step 5


Step 6

Roll-out and safeguarding

Together we make a difference because who wouldn’t want to ‘Grow older in a wise way’? You too, right? WOWW in your town?

WOWW has been launched in Boxtel

The first WOWW campaign started in Boxtel in November 2023. Residents are helped here with Wiser Living, Wiser Wellbeing and growing older in a Wise Way.