Keynote speaker

Sara van Broekhoven

Rigorously shaking up the world of work.”

Sara van Broekhoven is an expert on the #futureofwork, #servantleadership, #futurescenarios, #culture and #futurerecruitment. With her sharp and creative vision on the future of work, she knows how to move her audience with a good dose of humour and hilarious metaphors. She tackles themes that influence the future of work

Sara is founder of ftf with the purpose of empowering people towards the future of work. Besides giving keynotes at various types of events, she inspires groups, teams and leadership on a daily basis.

She helps organisations with questions such as: How can you and your organization master future needs with talent? How can your organization master innovation and collaboration? How do you learn to lead change in your team?

She devotes her remaining time to research. For example, in collaboration with Nyenrode University, she researched the leadership of the future, the employee of the future, the influence of culture on the future of work and examines the impact of AI on the future of work.

“Kindness is the highest form of intelligence”

This is what you can expect?

Sara can be called a real ‘shaker’. She empowers the senses in her keynotes, uses storytelling, puts a smile on your face and seduces the brain to curiosity because, she also believes, curious people always have a future! As a speaker and chairman, she gives her audience a fresh look at the (their) future and is a source of energy. She has spirit, challenges you, stirs things up and motivates you.

These elements combined with a wonderful down-to-earthness and friendliness make every lecture a success with its audience. Running a standard script? That’s not in Sara’s dictionary. Each keynote is tailor-made, appropriate for the current themes, the type of event and the culture of the organization. She speaks your language and makes the difference: when Sara is deployed at your event, there is always a personal (physical or virtual) check-in.


These are the topics

  • Future of work
  • Generation Issues/Generation Management
  • Culture
  • Leadership and Strategy
  • Future scenarios & Design thinking
  • Servant leadership
  • Recruitment of the future
  • AI & Demographics

Are you looking for a speaker who knows how to shake things up, put you on edge and challenge you?